Iteratia is a software development services supplier. We create unique programming solutions for enterprises that follow innovative development paths.

Our company consists of highly specialized teams of engineers. We form a unique team of professionals for every project, uniting the skills necessary for your task solution. This structure allows us to accumulate experience and offer a variety of services.

Our history began in 2004 with Versane Company. Thirty people now work in the Iteratia group of companies, and 70% of our employees have more than 8 years’ experience of innovative solutions development.


Andrey Kanonirov

Chief Executive Officer

17 years’ experience in the IT industry, with management positions since 2000.

What do I do?I am responsible for the organization and development of processes in Iteratia group.

Who am I?I am the organizer-inspirer.

Why am I here? I like to organize processes in the most effective way and bring joy to all participants.

What do I do at my best?I draw out every employee's potential and mobilize the team to reach a common goal.

What are my best qualities?I listen, consider everyone's interests, and find solutions by maximizing each employee’s performance.


Ilya Kanonirov

Lead Engineer

13 years’ experience developing solutions for businesses on Java and JavaScript.

What do I do?I help our clients grasp modern technologies, find an optimum solution, and set the development in motion.

Who am I?An altruist.

Why am I here?This is a job at a company with people close in spirit. This is a possibility to continually improve and contribute to the IT industry.

What do I do at my best?Solve technical problems and complicated tasks.

What are my best qualities?I bring posed tasks to a close. I form relationships built on trust.


Pavel Vinokurov

Lead Engineer

9 years’ experience designing and developing a wide range of programming solutions. I solve technical problems fast and effectively.

What do I do?Implement sophisticated and hi-tech IT solutions.

Who am I?A positive programmer.

Why am I here?I was lucky :)

What do I do at my best?I see the heart of the problem.

What are my best qualities?I think critically and globally.


Darya Chepeleva

Partnership Development Director

Experience in banking, software deployment, and promotion of online stores. A Novosibirsk State University Economics department alumnus.

What do I do?I develop and implement company services promotion plans, and I communicate with our prospective clients.

Who am I?I am quick off the mark.

Why am I here?I found people with whom I share life principles and a common view of work process organization.

What do I do at my best?I become passionate about an idea and captivate others with opening opportunities.

What are my best qualities?I always fulfil a promise.


I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.

© John D. Rockefeller

Why are we confident that we will create the best solution for your unique task?

We will explore your task to grasp the initial idea and your goals.

We will ensure a deep understanding of the specifics and your working style.

We will continue to invest our ideas and seek solutions until we find the best fit for you.

Our experience and persistence allows us to overcome any difficulties.

Our Mission
To be a reliable software development partner and to deliver the highest quality services and products. To improve value, relationships and technology with each new step.