Custom Software Development For Innovative Enterprises



Fast Solution Development for Business Idea Test

Develop a usable, trial solution as quickly as possible.

Solution Scaling

Tune the system to work with a wide range of loads according to your business plans.

Custom Solutions By Using Ready-Made Components And Algorithms

Fast and effective innovative solutions for each unique task.

Software Research and Development

Find a solution demanding complicated, computational, and analytical algorithms.

Innovative Devices Management

Create a platform connecting the newest ARM / AVR / PIC modules in an integrated interactive system.

Search Engine Creation

Organize large volume searches using distributed data storage and processing techniques.

Natural Language Processing

Semantic analysis of textual data. Thematic database creation. Automated unique content creation.

Real-Time Data Processing

Instant search and representation of information, data processing, and cashing on the client side.


Existing Software Performance Improvement

Achieve acceptable work speed of the system with increased users and data.

Outdated Software System Upgrade

Improve features and functionality of the system according to new business demands.

Data Visualization and Editing

Present graphic, text, and media data in convenient way for perception and modification using a web browser.

GEO Data Visualization

Presentation of important business data on schematic and geo-maps.

Equipment Control Systems

Solutions allowing the use of equipment capabilities online.

Integration With Nonstandard Sources / Third-Party APIs

Plug external services that provide data or processing tools.

Unique Corporate Systems

Ready-made solutions are not suitable. You want to create a bespoke system to serve your special business processes.

Big Data Processing

Unification, analysis, and visualization of heterogeneous data for subsequent decision making.

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Effective Options

Effective Options

Choose the optimal route from multiple development alternatives.

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Dependable Partner

Dependable Partner

We persistently deliver on target.

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Intelligent Performance

Intelligent Performance

Identify areas for product improvement.

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Reduce costs throughout the entire development cycle.

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